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Frequently Asked Questions

What will my child get from HappyFeet that he/she won't get with another program?

  • Self confidence: From mastering the most difficult skills and being ahead of other children of a similar age. HappyFeet kids discover that they are different and better, thus making them feel really good about themselves.
  • Early Group Opportunities: HappyFeet offers early interactive opportunities where the kids are coached by experts and learn to play with other children in a non-competitive highly challenging environment.
  • Leadership: Kids learn to master the ball and begin working towards taking the responsibility to make the BIG plays.
  • Anaerobic Capacity: A better anaerobic threshold is developed because HappyFeet sessions incorporate hard physical work in such a way that the children have tons of fun. They don't realize how hard they're working while improving their anaerobic threshold.
  • Coordination: No other sport expects players to move a ball with the feet at speed, while moving their body.
  • Agility: The tremendous HappyFeet emphasis on difficult dribbling fakes and ball striking develops a supreme level of agility.
  • Intelligence: HappyFeet kids are asked to make difficult decisions with the complication of limited space while having fun in an active "story time" setting. This develops the ability to choose from a variety of options under pressure and fosters analytical and option selection intelligence.

What is your monthly fee and how do I pay?
Please consult class specific information for program fees from your school or location. The fee is payable each session by credit/debit card via our secure online registration. You mail also drop a check at your specific school.

What does the monthly fee cover?
One HappyFeet coached class per week for the whole month.

How long do I sign up for?
One month at a time. The HappyFeet program is totally flexible; you can come and go on a month-by-month basis, as you please. However, consistency means greater development. Any player who takes a month off will go backwards and restart with less ability than when participation was suspended.

Where are HappyFeet classes held?
We bring HappyFeet classes to your child's school or sports location. So that the weather has no negative effect on scheduling we use indoor gymnasiums, medium to large classrooms, lunchrooms and other good-sized rooms in which to train HappyFeet skills.

Don't you need more space than this?
HappyFeet stories and games are designed to develop tremendous fine and gross motor skills. These are best developed in close quarters where children have to keep the ball close to avoid having it kicked by another player. HappyFeet balls are "indoor friendly" to ensure no kids or classrooms are damaged.

Why is each class 30 minutes in length?
While they are a lot of fun, HappyFeet sessions are also mentally and physically demanding. After 30 minutes of HappyFeet, young children will have experienced close to optimal levels of exercise and physical stress. As fatigue begins to set in attention begins to wander and fun of exercise diminishes. We aim to finish our sessions while fun and enjoyment levels are still very high. This keeps your little one motivated to come back for more and maintains enthusiasm for greater skill acquisition and long-term fitness benefits.

What summer programs do you offer?
Each summer, we will be running tailored soccer programs for our partner schools and hosting organizations. We work with school age kids on summer vacation, in addition to the preschool age kids. Our programs are developed to ensure kids get maximum enjoyment and development.

Have any players that graduated from this approach gone on to play college soccer?
On the 83/84 age Legends teams, there were 11 players who went on to play in college who joined the program between the ages of 3 and 6. The earlier we can start training a player to play the right way, the better the chances of that player achieving a higher standard of play.



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