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Creating a Positive 1st Experience
A child's first experience in organized sports is very important. Often times in youth soccer, kids will get involved in the local rec league with a volunteer coach who may or may not know much about the game. They probably have little experience in education and working with young kids, however are given a great responsibility in nurturing and developing the young soccer star. If the young player has a negative first experience with soccer his or her entire concept of the game, and sports in general, can be impacted. For this reason at HappyFeet we offer our most qualified and experienced coaches at the youngest age groups to ensure the 1st experience is a positive one for your child.

HappyFeet Leagues & our Future Legends program will be the best individual development opportunity for your young player. HappyFeet & Future Legends players will participate in weekly skill sessions, which use fun games to develop some of the best fakes and moves in soccer. Each weekend players will also have a chance to show off their newly learned skills in league games versus other HappyFeet/Future Legends teams. Your young soccer star will not want to miss this opportunity!


SUMMER LEAGUE Register Today! Deadline is JULY 3RD 2017 or when FULL!!

STARTS Saturday and Sunday, July 8th & 9th 2017 $99 - includes 8 weeks of soccer training, soccer jersey and end of the season medal


 All Leagues Held at Dubray Middle School, 100 DuBray Road, St. Peter's MO 63376

Saturday Morning

10:00am - 3-4's HappyFeet Little Feet

10:00am - 5-6's HappyFeet Big Feet

10:00am - Future Legends Kindergarten & 1st Grade 2017/2018 

Sunday Later Afternoon

4:00pm - 3-4's HappyFeet Little Feet

4:00pm - 5-6's HappyFeet Big Feet

4:00pm -Future Legends Kindergarten & 1st Grade 2017/2018

Why Choose Our League? We aren't just any soccer league! We believe in teaching your little ones the skills they need to succeed at a very early age. We focus on individual skill with an age appropriate curriculum that cannot be rivaled by any club in town. The kids LOVE it! We don't just throw the kids on the field and let them go kick the ball. We care about our kids LEARNING and GROWING and that starts from the second they enter our league, even at 2 years old. Each team has it's own HappyFeet / Legends trained coach who will encourage your child to try new soccer moves in fun and exciting ways. It is our goal to build confidence in each and every child that joins our program. There is no fear of failure for any child in our program as making mistakes is all part of the fun! We hope to see you out on the field!

Questions? Call Scott 314-669-7060 or email Coach Blake at leagues@happyfeetstlouis.com


HappyFeet Tiny Feet- For players that are 2 years old or just turning 3. Each session starts with a 30 minute practice followed by a game. Each session runs approximately 45 minutes. Players have one parent limited parent involvement if possible

HappyFeet Little Feet- For players 3 years old/just turned 4. Each session runs approximately 60 minutes. On game days sessions start with a 20-25 minute practice that focuses on the "move of the week" and is followed by a small sided game.

HappyFeet Big Feet- For players 4 years old/just turned 5 (not yet in Kindergarten). Each session runs approximately 60 minutes. Game day sessions start with a 20-25 minute practice that focuses on "the move of the week" and is followed by a small sided game (3v3, with goalies).

Future Legends- For Kindergarten and 1st Grade players who are ready for a more advanced learning environment and are interested in becoming Legends Club Players. Sessions run approximately 60 minutes. On game day sessions will start with a 25 minute practice followed by a game (3v3, with goalies).

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