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Benefits for Children

Superb Coordination & Skill
No other sport challenges will challenge your child to move the ball with his/her feet at speed. Only HappyFeet program develops the advanced coordination needed to perform the most difficult soccer skills under pressure. Your child will have his/her own ball for 100% of every class. He/she will enjoy an incredible number of touches and an early familiarity and mastery of the ball unheard of at the younger ages.

Our "Storytime with a Soccer Ball" approach keeps kids captivated and entertained for every second of every HappyFeet class. Your child will love pretending to be Hiawatha - The Dribbling Brave or Gus - The Banana-Gobbling Gorilla.

Brave, Creative Leadership Character for Life 
HappyFeet is the prep stage for the "Training Soccer Legends" method of soccer coaching. This method is a totally new and unique approach to developing the ball wizard that develops tremendous creative skill and the self-concept to dominate opponents and make the big plays that lead to the highest levels of play and a "go for it" mentality towards life. Find out more about our Legends Soccer Clubs for older kids (ages 6-19).

Tremendous Head Start in Technical Performance
By the time he/she receives good coaching your child will have already grooved bad soccer habits. With HappyFeet, he/she will learn advanced creative technical skills correctly from day one.

Benefits for Boys & Girls
The HappyFeet goal is that each and every kid has fun, improves their fitness, increases their enjoyment of fitness activities, achieves a higher self concept and gains advance skill! HappyFeet curriculum benefits both boys and girls in its goals and through its approach. Read more.



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